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“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: Hosea 4:6”


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This Website is intended to provide prostate cancer patients, survivors, their families and friends, and other interested parties with tools to raise awareness of the problem in the Black Belt counties in the State of Alabama. Our programs are designed to bring hope, and help with prostate cancer to at-risk men in the Black Belt region.

The current Prostate Cancer Program was born in 2002 as a public awareness program when it was agreed upon that one of the reasons for failing to prevent prostate cancer in African-American men is the “lack of knowledge and education,” or an understanding of this silent disease and what it takes to get rid of it. Furthermore, we are embarking on this program because we, at McRae Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation, are very sure and positive in our outlook, that our vision for the eradication of this deadly disease particularly for the African-American men is history making. We will all leave a tremendous legacy of change in the State of Alabama that will stand forever. We are concentrating on the Black Belt region of Alabama, because this area houses the most economically depressed Black and Hispanic males in the state as documented by the year 2000 census report.

Our prostate cancer programs will expand the knowledge necessary to prevent the excessive number of deaths among minorities due to the lack of knowledge of this disease. This will help to bring awareness of the social and economic problems associated with prostate cancer to the Black Belt communities. This Prostate Cancer Program, as we see it, can improve the lives of thousands of men and their families if implemented through the McRae Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation. We believe that this project will convince the men in the selected eleven (11) Black Belt counties to seek prostate cancer screenings in order to live productive lives. Our efforts should result in increased awareness, improved treatment options, and more funding for prostate cancer research.



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