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McRae Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation                          

Lawrence McRae, Founder and Executive Director


Macon County Office                                                                           Dallas County Office

P.O. Box 831023                                                                                1107 Voeglin Ave., STE 200

Tuskegee, AL  36083                                                                          Selma, AL  36703

PH:      (334) 226-1177                                                                       PH:  (334) 872-7134

CELL: (334) 552-2091                                                                       FX:  (334) 872-7134



Lawrence McRae was 33 years old when he had his first experience with prostate cancer.  He learned he had an enlarged prostate.  At the time Mr. McRae had spent a dozen years in the Air Force, owned and operated a janitorial service and a district foreman.  His position as director of the solid waste department was eliminated in 1997.  Later, through research, Mr. McRae discovered how disproportionately Black men are impacted by prostate cancer.  “I go to neighborhoods, stop by churches, speak to groups, pass out information, face-to-face,” he said.  “I’m willing to do anything I can to go straight to the man and tell him to his face to get the help he needs and make sure he is not left out there by himself once the diagnosis is made.”


Today, Lawrence McRae is 70 years old and his quest to impact the number of males that receive early screening for prostate cancer continues.  Mr. McRae has supported 85% of the cost of his efforts from personal finances and most commonly referred to as “the prostate man”. 


Performance Goals for FY 2007- 2008

·         To develop the social support services necessary to supplement the cost of extended testing and medical treatment of prostate cancer for positive screenings when patients are determined to be indigent and without ample resources to follow-through with treatment.

·         To secure the funds to build the administrative capacity of the organization.

·         To realign the structure of the board of directors to reflect regional representation of the twelve Black Belt counties covered by MPCAF.

·         To structure prostate cancer awareness projects in each of the twelve Black Belt counties and secure funds to sustain such projects.

·         To impact the participation in early prostate screenings for at least 5,000 men throughout the Black Belt.


Recognition Profile

2000, Lawrence McRae started to disseminate information on prostate cancer in twelve of Alabama’s Black

Belt counties.

2003, McRae Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation (MPCAF) became a non-profit with IRS 501 ( c ) 3


2004, MPCAF Launched campaign “Waging War Against Prostate Cancer in Alabama”.

2005, MPCAF received The Prostate Net’s Inaugural “In the Know” Award for Eliminating Health

Disparities held at New York University, New York City.

2006, Lawrence McRae was recognized with Honorary Membership in the Alabama Senior Citizens Hall of

Fame in Montgomery, Alabama.

2007, Lawrence McRae was nominated for the CED Foundation Hero Award

2007, MPCAF established a second office in Dallas County to expand educational campaigns, recruit

volunteers and structure awareness efforts.

2007, MPCAF purchased a mobile unit to be used to promote prostate cancer awareness at health fairs

throughout Alabama’s Black Belt.  The 32’ Winnebago will be used to disseminate educational

material and serve as host for medical staff providing the prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test

for prostate screenings.

2007,  Tuskegee University Prostate Cancer Project Leadership Award

2007,  Lawrence McRae was nominated for the Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leadership Award


Collaborative Efforts

of Macon, Bullock, Lowndes and Wilcox counties in support of awareness

and education of the disease.



In 2006, the number of men screened   =                                           90

The number of men who had the operation  =                                    19

            The number of men who had never been screened =                         59

            The number of men with cancer or a recurrence of cancer =              82


The McRae Cancer Awareness Foundation reported charitable donations as listed over previous years:    

                                    FY 2003 -    $10,000                           FY 2005 - $15,000

                                    FY 2004 -    $10,500                           FY 2006 - $12,000


The McRae Cancer Awareness Foundation is a 501 ( c ) 3 Non-Profit organization with charitable donation status.  Financial management of the foundation is overseen by a Board of Directors, licensed accountant subject to an annual audit of financial records.



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Lawrence McRae, Founder                                                                                                               7/20/07

Cell: (334) 552-2091